Septic System Designs and Engineering

South Jersey Engineers has designed over 15,000 septic systems and other onsite treatment facilities throughout New Jersey. Our clients include almost every major home builder in the region along with smaller builders, commercial property owners, and hundreds of developers, homeowners and real estate professionals.

Advanced Treatment Systems

Advanced Treatment Septic Systems provide a better and greener way to keep your septic system functioning for years to come. We have designed the vast majority of those systems currently in use in New Jersey. Thanks to new rules recently issued by the New Jersey DEP, these systems can now make your property look better, save you money, help the environment and make your septic system last years longer.

Septic System Repairs and Installations

Why trust your repairs, upgrades or installations to anybody but the best? South Jersey Engineers will evaluate your septic system requirements, offer alternative solutions when possible, and provide complete oversight during the entire process. Unfortunately, the septic system repair and installation profession is not licensed in New Jersey and the result is often a costly disaster. Check with us before proceeding - advice is always free.

Septic System Renovations

Stop your septic system from failing before it starts, or turn back the clock for systems that are already having problems. Did you know that a new septic system can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace? South Jersey Engineers can provide you with products and services that will maintain your system and reverse existing damages for a fraction of the cost of a new system. Ask us how.